How to Choose a Plumber


Whether it’s a small job or a big project, choosing the wrong plumber will not just cause disruption for you and your household, but also drain your wallet. So rather of just getting somebody randomly, spend time doing some research so that the work goes as trouble-free as possible.

The following are six ways to help you in your search for a reputable plumber:

Personal Recommendations

The best way to pick a plumber is with a recommendation from somebody you know. Call your friends and relatives, coworkers and neighbors – they’re usually happy to provide information. If you know some tradesmen, maybe a builder or an electrician, you should also ask them. This is very important if you want to find the best Plumbing Services Orléans has to offer.

Tradesman Organizations

See whether your prospective plumber is part of a group for tradesmen who have been screened thoroughly and have proven abilities. These groups are either run privately in compliance with Trading Standards, or operated by government-approved bodies. Their websites usually have searchable databases of plumbers, and you can simply type your postcode to see who are registered in your location.

Online Reviews

Majority of independent contractors and small businesses have no budget for conventional advertising (TV, billboard, etc.), so they often depend on independent websites that publish testimonials given by their customers.

Take note, however, that the system isn’t fool proof – plumbers may create fake profiles and write positive reviews on themselves. Remember too that web reviews have a tendency to be extremes – most plumbers get either a full five stars or just one star. This should even out in the general score, but it’s wise to take every review with a grain of salt.

Social Media

Many companies today find their past customers on social media, either venting their frustration over those they have hired, or praising them for a job well done. Check your prospective plumber’s Facebook page and Twitter feed to know what’s going on between them and their customers.

Phone Quotes

Like other people, you probably consider your budget as the most important part of choosing a plumber. It’s good to get at least three quotes over the phone, and if a quote seems too high or low compared to the others, ask the plumber why.

A plumber will be unable to give you an accurate estimate until they have actually seen what’s wrong, but the estimates you get at this stage will give you an idea as to which of your prospects will be more or less expensive than the rest. Lastly, with three or more prospects instead of just one, you can comparisons and find out which one is really the best for you. After all, not all plumbers are the same. Look up Drain Services Orléans online to know your options in the area.


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